Whether you reside in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, LargoOldsmarNew Port Richey or anywhere within Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough County, Citizens Insurance or your Insurance Company may require you to have a Roof Certification Inspection performed. We hope you will select us as "your " Roof Inspector.

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Whether you currently reside in Safety Harbor, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Pinellas County, or the surrounding Tampa Bay area, the number one question being posed to our Home Inspectors here at ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES is; "What exactly is a Roof Certification Inspection? " followed by; what are Four Point Insurance Inspections and Wind Mitigation Inspections?

A Roof Certification Inspection is an inspection performed at the request of Citizens Insurance or your insurance company through your insurance agent. The Roof Certification Inspection is typically requested by Citizens on homes which are 25 years and older. The reason Citizens and other insurers use 25 years as a benchmark for this type of inspection is based on the life expectancy of the average asphalt roof covering. While Citizens or your insurer knows the age of your home or the one you are about to purchase, they do not know if the roof covering has ever been updated. This is important as it will determine if the insurer will renew or write a new policy based on their insurability guidelines.


When performing the Roof Certification Inspection, our Home Inspectors here at

ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES ascertain the following information for Citizens Insurance your insurance carrier:

  • Roof Covering Material (asphalt shingle, tile etc)
  • Age of the Roof Covering
  • Date the Roof was last updated
  • If updated, was there a full or partial replacement
  • Visible signs of damage/deterioration
  • Signs of leaks

Once this information is obtained along with supporting photos, a CIT RCF-1 02/11
 form (Roof Condition Certification Form) is completed by our Home Inspector and submitted to your insurance agent along with a copy to you.

Our Roof Certification Inspection, Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection and Wind Mitigation reports are generated on the State of the Art iPad 3 which provides for a clear, concise and typed written format with captioned photos for easy identification. The Roof Certification report is completed by our Home Inspector and submitted in an easy to read PDF format to you and your Insurance Agent by way of email within 2 hours of the completion of our inspection. Your agent will then forward the report to Citizens or your insurer.

Roof Certification Inspections whether performed in Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Largo, Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Pasco County or the surrounding Tampa Bay Area should be performed by a Licensed and Certified Home Inspector who is a member in good standing of a National Association such as InterNACHI or NAHI. All of the Home Inspectors of ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES possess these credentials.

If you are required to have a Roof Certification Inspection a Home Inspection, or a Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection, you may wish to consider having us perform a
Wind Mitigation Inspection for you at the same time. When having a Home Inspection performed by ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES, we will provide these Inspections at no additional charge.

Our Home Inspectors at ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES are available 7 days a week servicing Clearwater, St Pete, TampaSafety Harbor, Dunedin, Oldsmar and the surrounding Tampa Bay area to accommodate your schedule and all of your inspection needs. Contact us at (727) 421-7650 or by Email or any questions you may have regarding a Roof Certification Inspection.