If you reside in ClearwaterPalm HarborSafety Harbor, Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Tampa, New Port Richey or anywhere within Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough County you should consider having a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed. 


We hope you will select us as "your " Wind Mitigation Inspector.

DID YOU KNOW... A Wind Mitigation Inspection could save you up to 40 % or more on your Homeowner's Insurance Windstorm premiums as well as to inform you on how to protect your property from Windstorm Damage whether you reside in the coastal areas of Clearwater, Dunedin, New Port RicheySt Pete  or the surrounding Tampa Bay area. Florida law now requires insurance companies to offer homeowners and home buyers discounts off their Wind insurance premium for certain aspects of the dwelling that may prevent or reduce the amount of damage caused during Hurricanes and Tropical storms. The entire Wind Mitigation Inspection process takes approximately One Hour to complete. We only need access to the attic portion of the dwelling. Upon completion of the Wind Mitigation Inspection, our Inspector will complete a Uniform Verification Mitigation Form (OIR-B1-1802(Rev.01/12) which is the only form recognized by the Office of Insurance Regulation. The form along with the required photographs and documentation is completed the same day and emailed to you and your Insurance Agent in an easy to read PDF format. Your Insurance Agent will transmit the report to the Insurance Company on your behalf.

What Will We be Doing during the Inspection Without being too technical, our Inspectors here at ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES will be surveying the following components of your home:

    • Roof Covering  (asphalt shingles, tiles etc)
    • Roof Deck composition (plywood or OSB beneath the covering)
    • Roof Deck attachment to the rafters (Staples, 6d or 8d nails)
    • Roof to Wall attachment (how the rafters are attached to the exterior walls i.e. toe nailed, hurricane clips or straps)
    • Roof Geometry - Hip, Gable or Flat which are the most common styles. (Only hip shaped roofs qualify for an insurance discount)
    • Secondary Water Resistance (a layer of protection between the shingles and plywood commonly referred to as peel n stick)
    • Opening Protection - Hurricane Impact and Wind resistant rated windows, shutters and garage doors. Please  note 100% of all exterior openings must be protected to qualify for this particular insurance discount. The following is a video on a particular fabric we recommend for all Exterior Opening  Protection
  • Building Code Compliance
    This is the date the house was built. All dwellings constructed after March 1, 2002 are considered to have been built in compliance with the 2001 Florida Building Code . Certain Wind Mitigation discounts will be automatically applied by the insurance carrier providing verification of the Building permit.