Whether you reside in ClearwaterPalm HarborSafety HarborDunedinSt Petersburg, Tampa, New Port Richey or anywhere within  PinellasPasco or Hillsborough County you should consider having a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed. We hope you will select us as your Wind Mitigation Company.

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Wind Mitigation Inspection could save you up to 40 % or more on your Homeowner's Insurance Windstorm premiums as well as to inform you on how to protect your property from Windstorm Damage in ClearwaterDunedinSt Pete and the surrounding Tampa Bay area.

Wind Mitigation Inspection is a close non invasive inspection of your home wherein we look to identify wind mitigation construction features that may provide you with insurance discounts in accordance with the guidelines set by the Office of Insurance Regulations. 

Without being too technical, our Inspectors here at ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES will be inspecting the following components of your home:

  • Roof Covering  shingle, tiles etc)
  • Roof Deck composition (plywood or OSB beneath the covering)
  • Rafters and how the Roof Deck is attached to the rafters
  • Roof to Wall attachment (how the rafters are attached to the exterior walls)
  • Roof Geometry (Hip, Gable or Flat which are the most common styles)
  • Secondary Water Resistance (a layer of protection between the shingles and plywood)
  • Opening Protection (Hurricane protection rating of windows, exterior and garage doors)
  • Exterior Wall Construction (Masonry, Reinforced Masonry or Frame construction)

The entire Wind Mitigation Inspection process takes approximately One Hour to complete. Upon completion of the Wind Mitigation Inspection, using the State of the Art iPad 2, our Home Inspector will generate a report within 2 hours and email the report to you and your Insurance Agent in an easy to read PDF format.


Homeowners residing in ClearwaterPalm HarborSafety Harbor, St. Petersburg or the surrounding counties of Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough will need to hire a "qualified" Home Inspector who is Licensed in accordance with Section 468.8314 of The Florida Statutes. ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES'  Home Inspectors are all "qualified" to conduct Wind Mitigation Inspections in accordance with the Statutes and Licensing Laws of the State of Florida. Since your Insurance Company will not request this type of Inspection, you or your Insurance Agent will need to request the Inspection.

Having a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed is "Thee Best Investment A Homeowner Could Make!" The best part being, you only need to have a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed once every 5 years as the policy discounts renew with your policy each year up to 5 years. Simply put, if you saved $800.00 the first year your total savings would be $4,000.00 0ver 5 years based on one Wind Mitigation Inspection.

Our Home Inspectors at ON THE GULF HOME INSPECTION SERVICES are available 7 days a week servicing ClearwaterSafety Harbor and the surrounding Tampa Bay area to accommodate your schedule and all of your inspection needs. Contact us at (727) 421-7650 or by Email for any questions you may have regarding a Wind Mitigation Inspection.

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