Home Deodorization

As a Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Buyer or Seller, I am sure you have walked into many homes
which reek of cigarette smoke, mildew or just plain stale air which can be a complete turnoff to
potential Buyers. Most of these odors can easily be eliminated utilizing a Professional Ozone Generator.
The generator is small in size yet powerful enough to deodorize up to 3,500’ of living space and yes
it works. Below is a Google Review from a Buyer whose condo reeked of cigarette odors at the time
of the Home Inspection.
The generator can be used in a vacant or furnished residence. To eliminate odors, the generator
is placed in the house and left to run 24-48 hours depending on the severity of the odors. During
this time, all windows are closed and the HVAC  fan is set to the “on”position so that the duct work
is deodorized as well. The house must remain unoccupied during this time period. Once the
deodorization process is completed, the generator is shut off and the windows are opened to air out
the premises. Usually the premises can be reoccupied within 1-2 hours thereafter. This process requires
3 visit so the premises, one to set up and turn on the generator, one to shut off the generator and
open up the windows to air out the premises and lastly a return visit to close up the windows and
secure the premises.


The following is the Manufacture’s description of the Ozone Generator we utilize:

The OS3500 is perfect for deodorizing and sanitizing large spaces such as Hotel Suites, Large Offices,
Homes, Condos, Apartments, Pool Halls, Restrooms, Basements, Locker and 
Fitness Rooms, Yachts,
and Large RV’s. It will eliminate severe odor caused by Mold, M
ildew, Tobacco, Fire and Smoke, Water
and Flood Damage, Animals, Decaying Matter, B
ody Odor, Cooking Smells, and more. The OS3500 will
even the most stubborn odors. 

Google Review

Bob was referred to me by the realtor I was using since I was new to Florida. My move from the NY/NJ area
was such a nightmare that I became afraid to take on another move (I moved to a rental in June.) But an
opportunity I couldn't turn down came up on a condo and that's when I called On the Gulf Home Inspection
I found Bob to be reliable, professional and patient. The inspection report was very organized and

done pretty quickly. I called him with questions and he was great about answering them in a simple manner
(a lot of this stuff is way over my head.) The condo I was purchasing was previously owned by a chain smoker
and so it smelled awful. I mentioned this to Bob who reassured me that he could take care of it. All I had to do
was to contact him when I got closer to my closing. I called him a month later, arranged to get him a key to my
new purchase (I'm not moving for another month) and Bob got rid of that foul odor. I also asked him for some
advise on where I could go to shop for flooring. He gave me a good referral . I highly
recommend On The Gulf Home Inspection Services!
Thank you Bob!!!