Citizens Four Point Inspections

citizensCitizens Insurance Company has implemented the following changes to their Underwriting guidelines concerning Four Point Insurance Inspections:

January 1, 2022 – All New Residential policies and renewals.

Four (4) Point Insurance Inspections will be required on homes more than 2years old.

Four (4) Point Insurance Inspections

Citizens has opined:
“To ensure that the condition of the property is acceptable and all major systems (electrical, heating, plumbing and roofing) are in satisfactory condition, a Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection must be submitted with all PR-M applications for homes more than 20 years old. For new business with effective dates on or after January 1, 2022, this requirement has been expanded to all homes more than 20 years old. The inspection must have been completed within the last 12 months prior to the submission date by a verifiable, certified inspector (Florida -licensed). This rule does not apply to tenant named insured policies or condominium risks.

Homeowners should understand that a 4 Point Insurance Inspection is only valid up to 1 year from the date of the inspection. When a homeowner decides to change Insurance Carriers upon renewal or cancellation of their policy, the new Insurer will in all likelihood will require a new 4 Point inspection to write the new policy.

If an inspection reveals unacceptable conditions, the property is not eligible for coverage such as:

Properties with the following conditions no longer are eligible for coverage with Citizens:


*Signs of active leaks or unprepared water damage identified during a visual inspection.
*Plumbing systems not in good working order
*Properties with polybutylene plumbing


*Requirements for remediation of aluminum branch circuit wiring have been added.
*New risks (policies) with electrical service of fewer than 100 amps are not eligible for

The above are just some of the changes being implemented by Citizens and in all likelihood, other Florida Insurance Companies will be implementing similar underwriting guidelines.
dreamstime_l_18229781-1024x1024We at On The Gulf Home Inspection Services are Certified, Licensed and authorized by Citizens to perform these inspections on your behalf. We usually are able to perform the inspection and generate the Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection report the same day as we are contacted. For additional information on Four (4) Point Insurance Inspections, click on the following link: to visit our page devoted to the Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection.”

The following is a link to view the Citizens Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection form: